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Welcome to Mr-TShirt, the online market place and general resource on everything to do with T-Shirts!

I have been a designer of one sort of another since leaving school, from a textile print designer, graphic designer to web designer. Along the way I have always enjoyed T-Shirt designs and designing t-shirts for myself. Whilst I like my own designs and I hope you do to (They can be found in the Mr-TShirt Shop section of the site) I am the first to admit that there are also so many other really good T-Shirt designs out there. Having to search all over the place to find the T-Shirt your after has always frustrated me. No with Mr-Tshirt the search is over as I will be showcasing not only my designs but also many other great T-Shirt designs out there.

So the idea behind Mr-TShirt, is to review and show you where to purchase some of the very best T-Shirt designs available on the web all in one place. I hope you find the T-Shirt your looking for!


Knight Rider KITT T-Shirt Knight Rider KITT T-Shirt for Sale
The good old days, when cars had cash dispercers and you could talk to your watch and make your car drive it'self! This nicly understated KITT T-Shirt available in dark coulours, in both mens and womens styles and features an image of KITT's 'voice modulator' on the front probably letting Michael Knight (David Hasselhoff) know that he'll be right there!
Mr.T Tshirts! Mr T Tshirts
This is a bit of a tongue twister, but take a look at some t-shirts featuring Mr.T, best known for his roles as B. A. Baracus in the 1980s television series The A-Team, as boxer Clubber Lang in the 1982 film Rocky III, and for his appearances as a professional wrestler.
Pizza is the Best, T-Shirt Funny t-shirt designs
Finally a t-shirt we can all agree on. True story: The original idea for this shirt had cheese baked into the collar. Busted Tees have some great T-Shirt designs available in both male and female designs foloow the links to check out this great pizza shirt as well as many other designs >> More
Hot enough to be a pain in the assNew hot funny t-shirt for Sale
One of our own designs and one for the girls with attitude. I know a few people who could carry this humorous t-shirt off. It has a 70's style barbie face on the front with the caption “I’m hot enough to be a pain in the ass” and at $18.99 in this style we reckon it to be a real steal! >> more




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